Maximum Burlesque Festival


TEATRO IVELISE and Associazione Culturale Allostatopuro, partnership with Bologna Burlesque FestivalNeapolis Burlesque Queen, are pleased to present the 1st Edition of the Maximum Burlesque Festival.

The new international Burlesque event will take place in the heart of Rome, in the historic theater, near the Colosseum, on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November 2023.

The event is produced by Allostatopuro Cultural Association, curated by the Artistic Direction of Matisse Royale, in collaboration with various Organizations and Associations, the patronage by ACSI and Gay Center, and it will kick off a stimulating competition, giving new life to the sublime places and roles of the Roman Empire, in a Burlesque stile.


The Program of the event includes two days of entertainment and more:

  • Saturday 11 November:

- from 11.00 am to 12.30 "Burlesque Expressiveness" Burlesque workshop, led by Candy Bloom;
- 14.00 Tour in the Imperial Rome reserved for the contestants, with a tourist guide,
- 21.00 Show with the contestants, presented by the Producer, Special Guest - Candy Bloom, Violet Duff, Sabina Gallucci – the audience forms the  Popular Jury decreeing the Majoris;


  • Sunday 12 November:

- from 10.30 am opening of the exhibition area with bar, lounge and stand of the Partners creators of the prizes of the Contest;

- from 11.00 to 12.30 “gogo, Showdance & Burlesque - The differences” Burlesque workshop, held by Celeste De Moriae;

- from 15.00 to 17.00 Shooting signed Davide Trumino, against the backdrop of Imperial Rome,the protagonists of the contestants;

- 20.00 Show with the contestans, presented by the Producers, Special Guest - Celeste de Moriae, Amalia Vox, Sabina Gallucci - and the Jury of Experts who will decree the Empress, the Vestal and the Gladiator.

Award Ceremony with the coronation of the Empress and the appointment of the outstanding roles of the Roman Empire.



The Expert Technical Jury will decree the winners of the 

Maximum Burlesque Festival:

First Prize - Empress of Rome

Second Prize - Vestal of Rome

Third Prize - Gladiator of rome


The Popular Jury of the MAXIMUM Burlesque Festival will decree:

People's Award - Majoris del Populus Romanus



The Artsist, the creatros of the awards,Partner of the I Edition of Maximum Burlesque festival, are the protagonists of the Exhibition